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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Why Water, why Fire?

I 'm not sure why I keep creating jewellery in those colour schemes... maybe it's the waters that surround me here, the rains and mists and the view from my studio towards Cromarty Firth... that could have been the inspiration to create the Deep Water earrings with Water Sapphires (Iolite) and Lapis Lazuli. My latest dream about winter evenings spent near fire and watching the flames in silence must have lead my eyes and hands to pick the warm saffron orange of Carnelian and the joyful fanta-orange of Hessonite Garnet to create Fire Earrings. This dream is not just a wish though - we are having a wood burning stove installed in our house before Christmas! I can't wait for it!

The round focals are crocheted with Sterling Silver wire and wire wrapped. Both pairs are in the Special Free Worldwide shipping offer till 10 December.