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Monday, 12 December 2011

Lots of time

From midday Saturday till the Sunday afternoon the Internet was down in our area. Suddenly I found myself with loads of time and I wondered what can I do - no Polish online radio, no Facebook chats and stories... I even couldn't check the latest news or ask Wikipedia to answet my questionsthat I have so many times a day! Suddenly I realised how often I turn to my laptop everyday for help and to meet friends, to Skype family, to listen to favourite music, and laso, I have to admit... to waste time. But that day and the following day I just turned to my unfinished project and, to my big surprise, almost managed to finish it!
This is what I've been working on: a base crocheted in Fine Silver, frame in Sterling Silver wrapped with GoldFill and the heart of the pendant: a gorgeous Labradorite with amazing yellow flashes set in a hand made frame. This will make a very special and uniqe adornment.