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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mare Tranquilitatis

Mare Tranquilitatis or Sea of Tranquility it's an area on the Moon, a lunar sea. When I first came across this name I fell uner its spell. I waited for the right stone and the right design to use it - such a charming name deserves a very special piece of jewellery.
And this is it: this large Labradorite, flashing with heavenly azure-blue shades brings to mind a place of calm, quiet and magical atmosphere: a lunar ocean, sea on the Moon. I know in reality it's not blue, I know there is no water in it but it doesn't matter. It is blue in my dreams.

Simple, almost ascetic design draws the attention to the stone. Set in Sterling and Fine Silver hand formed, hand wrapped and crocheted. Oxydised to black patina and then hand polished to shine.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Today was such a beautiful sunny day we spent most of it outdoors. By "we" I mean myself and my 1.5year old son. First I chopped the wood for the wood burning stove while he was sweeping the lawn with our big broom - yes he did, and he does this almost every time we are in the garden :) Then we walked to say "hello" to his favourite neighbours - the sheep and then I wanted to see the Snowdrops I'd noticed the other day. Every year I see them I get excited, for me it's the first sign that Spring is coming!

On the way back home my son saw his first rainbow ever. Well, he's seen them in books and films but that was a real one - imagine the smile on his face :)

Now he's asleep and as it's the only time I get to work with jewellery I bid you goodnight and I'm off to work on a certain commissioned pendant.