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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas time :)

It's snowing on The Hill and we hope the snow will stay till the Christmas Day. All the countryside is silver-white-golden and so peaceful. Our cat doesn't want to go outside anymore, it's too cold for him, he prefers to stay by the fire :) Well, he tried this morning - he jumped out with his full speed and... with the full speed he was back :D The birds are crowded on the fat balls we hang on the nearest tree in the garden and Mr Pheasant visits us every day looking for crumbs. My studio is clean and tidy and ready for the last break in year. I like this time when the old is getting to an end and the new is coming! I wish you all wonderfull Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Saturday Project - November

I started this project last month (see here) and as I promissed myself I continue posting photos of the view from my bedroom window. This is how it looked in November:

Nephele and clouds

This ring used all my patience... it's all gone for some time. It was used during the process of creating this newest ring. The citrine cabochon is oval and very tall, and its all surface is hand cut beautifully. In one word - a masterpiece . I wanted to show off not only the flat top surface but also the stone sides and I had a certain idea in my mind. It took however about 4 weeks and one ring (I created Anna Karenina when I couldn't set the Citrin in the first time) to finally achieve my dream. I started weaving for the second time and I decided this time I'd make it! The construction was slightly different than my other rings - this time I made the band and the stone setting as two separate parts joined together half way through. This design allows seeing the stone sides and makes the ring look very delicate and airy when also being a safe and sturdy enclosure for the cabochon. I added three Freshwater pearls and oxidised the ring a little. Then for about two hours I was polishing and buffing, polishing and buffing... The result is almost white, fresh silver but with intriguing depth, almost like the patina which old jewellery can have.
I named the ring Nephele which is a name of a Greek nimph of cloud and mist. Why? This is the view that inspired me this morning:

Friday, 4 December 2009

Joy of the Season

Last year I made three or four rings in a certain style and I called them Rings Of Joy for I was very happy creating them. Picking the different little stones of all the vibrant colours, matching them in sets, then playing with the wire wrapping bands - I enjoyed every single moment of the process. I think it was the joy of Christmas one can start experiencing in December that made my Muse to follow that design again. The first one came up in - surprise, surprise! - in a green and burgundy combination.The second one - sweet like the icing on English Christmas cake. The third one - blue and golden like the blue and clear sky I enjoyed today when I went for a walk in the fields. I don't have names for them yet...