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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Saturday Project - October

I love the view from our bedroom window and I can never get bored of it. It changes with the time of day, with the weather and the sunlight. One day I thought I'd take a photo every week as long as we live here to capture the spirit of this place, to see the subtle changes, the rythm of life on The Hill and the Nature around. I will do it every weekend trying to keep the same time of day - around midday so I can see how the light changes with the different time of year. I started the Saturday Project on 10th October and here is the first month so far :)

10 October 2009
18 October 2009
27 October 2009


  1. Thanks, I hope I will stick to it and remember to take the pics really EVERY weekend!

  2. what are you doing here AK? I thought you were playing golf LOL
    and thanks hun xoxoxo