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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Glen Cannich again

We simply love this place and any time it's possible we go there to admire ever-changing views. Every time we have visitors we try to introduce them to our favourite spots in the Highlands and this we had the opportunity to take there our friends from Brussels who first time set their feet on Scottish soil. Saturday morning was promissing - blue sky with little clouds, sunny and with no wind and we hoped for stunning views... the closer to the mountains we were however the thicker the clouds were and the darker the day was. Eventually we arrived in Glen Cannich in mist and drizzle. Against the weather we decided to get out the car and take a walk - you don't drive for 40mins only to look at the beautiful scenery from the windows! To feel the atmosphere, to breathe the fresh air, to BE there you need to experience the place for real. So we walked for about half an hour and only when the rain made our chatting and discussing uncomfortable, when the daylight become more dark-evening light we strolled back to the warm and dry car. I think that sometimes even a gloomy and wet day is a beauty though when you open your eyes and heart to see it - that day all the autumn colours were so rich, so vibrant, the glen spooky but quiet, empty, magical... unfogettable and unique experience :)

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