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Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Elements - finished

The first five necklaces from the new Elements collection are finished. Each one is crocheted and wrapped with Sterling Silver.

EARTH. The gems are: Bronzite square, Unakite plumpy drop, Malachite, green Aventurine, Peridot.
DARK WATERS. The gems are: deep cobalt blue Kyanite oval in the centre. It's accompanied by a cluster of lovely smooth natural Blue Sapphires and creamy Freshwater Pearls.
HOT AIR. The gems are: natural Yellow Agate coin, natural Lemon Jasper flat smooth drop, Yellow Serpentine smooth round, Citrine faceted rounds.
FIRE. The gems are: Red Tiger's Eye oval, Red Coral, Sunstone (synthetic), Carnelian.
SPRING WATER. The gems are: Apatite faceted onion, Turquoise nugget, Pale Green Jade, Aquamarine, Freshwater Pearls.

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