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Monday, 8 July 2013

Passion not one

Those of you who know me know as well that beside jewellery I have another passion - well, not one, but one of many - and it's crochet. Recently I've been neglecting a bit the stones and silver in my studio and concentrated on some crochet project for my boy, for frien's boy, and for myself too. I enjoyed it so much that the moment I'd finish one I'd start a new one right away. And you'd be right to think that there is already a new project in the making, just started :D
Here are photos of what I've made in the last six months.
New jewellery projects are ligned up too... and the skincare home study is waiting to be completed. Am I busy or what?

Friday, 31 May 2013

New place - new display location :)

I have been quiet for some time here and the reason is, you may already know from my Facebook page, that I moved house in November last year. From the North of Scotland to the North of England, I'm now based just outside Durham, a town I fall in love with years ago. I left good friends behind, the wide open spaces and stunning landscapes of the Highlands and... some of my jewellery too - you will still find my jewellery available to purchase directly in the HUNG Gallery in Inverness. I really wanted to have my pieces available locally here, in the North East too, and I found a lovely place! It's an independent Crushed Chilli Gallery located in the heart of Durham, just 5 minutes from the train station.

Today I left there a number of new and older designs - amongst others this Moonlight Shadow necklace with a stunning labradorite. They won't be available for sale off my website, I'm working on some smaller designs which I'll be able to work on whilst my son is asleep. Yep, that's how a full-time-mom and a jewellery artist works :)