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Sunday, 31 October 2010


Inspired by the stone itself this delicate necklace features a natural moss Green Jasper. I picked this unique hand cut cabochon for its rare deep green colour which. It somehow brought to my mind an image of a Chinese dragon. I set the stone in Goldfill wire and added some Tourmalines and one Grossular Garnet briolette - they glitter like tiny fire sparkes. There are two more Tourmalines at the handmade clasp and the bail is adorned with one small Peridot. The pendant is 4.5cm long in total and 1.7cm wide at the widest place. The chain is 41cm long. All metal is Goldfill.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Five Sisters

Inspired by Autumn golden hues and one of my favourite places in the Highlands: "Five Sisters" is a limited edition of simple Amber pendants. They can be worn on both sides: one showing the swirls or the other one with little flower. Every pendant is adorned with a tiny gem hidden in the base of a bail. Perfect for everyday use :)

I will be listing them tomorrow - with a special price of £50 only till the end of October!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Golden inspirations

Autumn is here on The Hill in Her full glory: the sycamore and beech tree leaves are turning burgundy red and our Mr Rowan in the garden is now golden yellow. This morning I looked at him and decided this is the time to start working with Amber! I want to capture and embrace that gold and warmth of the season in my jewellery so I'm creating a new line of little Amber pendants. Photos soon :)