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Saturday, 21 January 2012

New Year's decision

I've just closed my shop on Etsy. An inevitable decision. When I opened it almost three years ago my life was so much different than it is now. I started my own business as a jewellery designer and had my website with a shop up and running. Soon I was present on all possible internet social sites promoting my jewellery, myself, my new business. I was on Flickr, on Twitter, Etsy, then Artfire and Folksy when it started, Plurk, Facebook... gosh, so many of them! And I had my own website to manage, jewellery tcreate, photos to take and then edit in three or four different sizes, descriptions to write in two languages. Yep, I was one busy woman :)
Then, when my little boy was born and I was just in the middle of re-vamping my website I realised that it will not be possible to create and to promote myself at the same time in so many ways I used to do! It will not be possible for me to have a life. A real life, not one at the front of a computer. A life where I have the time to be with my family and then create and do all that stuff which is necessary when you run your own business. So I gradually started limiting my internet presence reclaiming my life and my time.

New Year is a good time to start a new life so, from today on, I have only one website to manage, one social site to blether (and if you are on FB you know that :) ), one blog where I write in English and two where I write in Polish. Oh, and there still is Flickr and Deviant Art wher sometimes I share my photos when I feel like doing so :)

So... I'm back at my desk happily wrapping! See you soon!