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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Meet Jet The Cat

For some time, too long time, our unwanted neighbours - the mice - had been driving me mad. Last week they brought me at my wits end: for three days in a row I had had to sleep in my studio on the firts floor, because it was the only place where I wouldn't hear theyr noise. That night however one mouse found its way to my safe hide and all the scraching and squeeking woke me up at 4am. When tired and furious I complained to my landlady she suggested "Why don't you get a cat?". Well... why don't we actually??? I love cats (but I'm not a Cat Mamma) and I prefer their nature and character better than dogs. I like that they have their own ways and that they live more "next to you" than "with you". And that you don't need to walk them every day ;)
I started looking for a cat. I needed one who would hunt mice - not a kitten then - and the same time one that would keep me company while I work long hours in my home studio. I didn't want to buy one as I knew there would be a cat somewhere who is just waiting for a new home and for some reason not wanted where he/she is. I tried our local Freecycle group and the Cats Protection who replied to me quicker. They had a few cats ready for homing and description of one three-year-old black male we liked most.He lived in a cat's house for two months and before that was in a large family where he wasn't really wanted and most of his time had to spend outdoors hunting for food. He was perfect to keep my mice away then and looked like a cat who would appreciate a quiet and loving family. On Saturday we exchanged telephone calls with the Cats Protection, on Sunday morning we had a home visit from their volunteer and on Sunday afternoon we met the cat we wanted to adopt. I fell in love the moment I saw him and Jet, the black cat, moved in with us on Monday evening. His first night and the day in our house he spent hiding on the first floor behind my husband's desk and would come down only to eat. Today is his third day with us and he already slept under our bed last night, discovered all the rooms and window sills and although he is still very shy and affraid of many sounds he is sleeping next to me on the sofa, snorring, while I'm writing this post. I think he is settling down all right :)


  1. Awwww..... what a cutie!! He looks like a short-haired version of our Spock.

    And look!! He's got his little tongue sticking out in the first pic. Bwhahahahah.... love that!

  2. His hair is pretty long, but they say he's middle-long hair cat LOL
    And yes - he sleeps with his moth half open!

  3. I'm in love!!! :-o *getting on the next plane*

  4. He sounds (and looks!) gorgeous! Hope he keeps those mice away!