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Monday, 19 October 2009

Wild neighbours

Since we've moved in to our place on The Hill last June every day I am amazed with the wildlife around us. There are only 4 houses in our settlement and around us are fields, woods and lots of space - perfect place for all the creatures including mice and spiders which seem to like our warm and cosy house... but forget them for the purpose of this post. There are other more interesting neighbours too, for example a rabbit family living at the bottom end of our garden or Mr Pheasant who uses the paved path to get to the garden from the fields and peeks in to our windows:

But from all the animals we see here I love the birds of prey most: the Red Kites and Buzzards. One Buzzard family lives on a tree that I can see from my studio and one day I was lucky to have my camera on hand and took a photo of this beautiful bird when he was chasing a Red Kite away (they don't like each other!):
In the nights the owls pay us visits and hoot around the trees. One especially likes the apple tree next to my studio window and although I can't see him I can clearly hear his soft voice. It's almost never quiet here!

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