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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Moving in :)

Dear Friends and New Readers,

I've been writing a blog about my life and my jewellery adventure since June 2008 and you are most welcome to read it HERE

It was however getting more and more difficult to manage that site especially when I started taking tonnes of photos (it would load very slowly) and when I began to be more active on so called social networs such as Facebook or Twitter. I therefore decided to move my creativity here and from now on you will see my jewellery here, you will see my photos here and you will read short and longer stories from my life.

Welcome to Blue Almonds Jewellery Journey :)

PS You can find Polish version of this blog here: (please give me some time to move out from the old site!)


  1. It's very hard to get it all done, have it in one place, and still have time for yourself. Good to see you here. :)

  2. Hi Anna! Good luck with the new blog! Hugs, Lotta

  3. Ginger, Lotta, thank you for your welcome!!! :)