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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Colorino in Art Deco

It may be gloomy around and all that I can see out of my window may be Autumn with its rain, mists and short days but when I started working on this commission all my thoughts flew to Tuscany... This new project - a commissioned bangle - brought back all the happy memories that I have of the sunshine, warmth, the countryside and the wine too and lead my hands to shape that bangle. I gave it a very special name: Colorino in Art Deco. Colorino is a red Italian wine grape planted primarily in Tuscany. The grape is known for its deep dark coloring very like the hue of Garnet.

I am not sure if that vine on this picture I took in Tuscany is Colorino itself but its colour is very like I imagine Colorino would have.

The frame I shaped is inspired by the Art Deco elegant, glamorous yet functional style. Oxidised and hand polished to shine. It's simple enough to be worn every day but it's also elegant and can be shown off on a special occassion and it will look amazing with a black dress.
Medium size.
Blue Almonds original design.

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