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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Handmade Christmas

I just added ArtFire Handmade Christmas badge to my blog. Are you thinking the same - isn't it too early? It's only the beginning of October, there is still almost two months to go till Christmas!

On the other hand... if you think about that "handmade" aspect then you need also to think about time to make the gifts or time to have them made! I already managed to finish two gifts and started thinking of the next one that needs more - yes, you guessed it - time.

If you like my jewellery I'm more than happy to create unique comission pieces, jewels designed especially for you but I also need the time. So - if you want something very special, that only jewel in the world for for your dearest one (or for yourself!) then order it with me now and it will be finished and ready on time with no distress and hassle. And I will have the time to make my favourite little ginger breads ;)

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