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Saturday, 13 March 2010

My Spring begins with Scottish Bead Fair

Finally there is snow on the fields around, the Nature is almost ready to boost with colours and I'm ready to enjoy the true feast, the rainbow of natural gems at the Scottish Bead Fair in Perth tomorrow! I've been there twice already but I just love gem fairs so this time can't wait too! I don't really NEED new gems but you know... once you start buying, using and *ehem* collecting them it's very hard to resist not going to an event like this. My favourite local online seller (well, she's based in Scotland and is the nearest quality gems supplier I have here) will be there with a stall so I will be able to see in the real life some of the stones I'm very interested in. Like this Mystic Topaz trio, isn't that amazing colour?
or these beauties *sigh*I'm sure I won't come back with empty hands... with an empty purse though - maybe...


  1. OOOOOooo gems! Have loads of fun!!

  2. Thanks Anna! Great to see you and glad you got some things to inspire you!