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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Winter come-back

Yesterday I woke up to a snow storm. It was such a windy day that even our fireplace refused to work and all the smoke gathered inside the house! I really hoped today would be different. It was - there was no wind but about an inch of snow lying everywhere and it was still snowing! So, when outside looks like this (poor daffodils!)...

...I stayed inside with these :) ...

... and decided to make my favourite Easter tarts (in Polish they are called "mazurek") - orange ones! I really miss the sunshine and the oranges and lemons were exactly of the right colours for such a white and cold day.
It takes some time to grate the fruit peels, cook the sugary topping and make the crysty base but after a few hours my mazurek was ready. We decorated it with sweet almonds:
Now there is only the poppy-seed one to bake. And the lemon one. And I think I might also make some meringues to use up the left over egg white...

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