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Monday, 28 May 2012

The Fair and the value

Last weekend we had a heat wave, a proper hot Summer weather, something I was so longing for! Blue sky, sunshine and a WARM breeze. And I was at the fair. Indoors of course, in a lovely old building, but still - indors. Of course I hoped for crowds and big sales, my jewellery flying off the table but... to be honest if I was to choose what I would be doing I too would go on the beach. Or spent entire two days on a blanket in my garden. So I understand why it was SO quiet at the fair. It was a split secon, a moment of desperation on Saturday, after those long hours of waiting for somebody to turn up, for a customer to enter the room, that I though "it's no use! it's a waste of my time, waste of such a beautiful day!".

And then I remembered that it wasn't all waste, all for nothing. It all depends of what you think it's of real value.

There was not many customers so I had the time to make something new - I always bring some wire, pliers or a crochet hook to keep me busy IN CASE it's quiet (the irony!).

One of these will become a big flower brooch (once I add some gems to it).

The other thing important to methat happened was the feedback I received on the new boxes I only recently ordered (from my favourite Polish supplier Kasia of Skarby Natury). I really liked them and it was very reassuring to hear it was a right choice - so many nice words I've heard!

And the best experience was sharing similar experience and exchanging thoughts and ideas with the other exhibiting artists. I think I can also say that I made a new friend with a very talented and brave bookmaker: Lesley of Murray Books who not only makes books but also resques books that were destined for the skip. The sculptures were my favourite :)

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