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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Trip to the West Coast

Since Sunday Jet is in his new home - we decided to give him away as it was getting too difficult to deal with his nocturnal habits especially now with some big changes in our family life on the way. Jet's new family lives in a lovely little village on the West Coast, some 70 miles from our place and to get there you need to travel through one of the most beautiful glens in the Highlands - Glen Shiel with stunning views of very steep slopes of Five Sisters. That Sunday the weather was just incredible with no wind, no clouds and full sunshine...
After saying our "good bye" to Jet we drove a little further to the west and had picknic to cheer us up.
... and then a bit further to the West to see the little community owned Skye ferry between Glenelg on the UK mainland and Kylerhea on Skye and we saw the ferry in action!

1 comment:

  1. Oh such a gorgeous place!! It looks like a wonderful place for your Jet whom I'm sure you'll miss. But you'll have something far greater to take care of!

    Hope you're doing well!! You're looking great! :)