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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Primroses are not shy

"Primrose - a cheerful little plant to brighten the dullest spot in the garden" [Gardening, a commonsense guide]

Deep in my heart I'm still a horticulturalist and I'm easily moved by even the tiniest, shy and modest plants. When little wild Primroses pop up early in spring they cover the woods floor with lemony-yellow carpet like it was designed for fairies to dance on. And for this moment the flowers are not shy anymore.
For the first ring this Spring I chose beautifuly faceted Lemon Quartz onion briolette and then hand wrapped it with thin Sterling Silver wire. The band is also hand weaved - in a new to me "basket" technique I just discovered. Adorned with one smooth Carnelian round and then heavily oxidised, hand polished and buffed to reveal the basket pattern of the band the ring is a true everyday stunner - it's a Primrose, The Spring Princess.

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