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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Black Rutile Rose

After some time of my working with crochet and silver I wanted to try if I could make something bigger than a pendant. Much bigger. A jumper that is. I found a book with great contemporary crochet designs and decided to make that jumper I saw on the book cover. Then I searched for the right wool but I didn't want it to be from the other side of the world - I prefer buing as locally as possible, from small family businesses like my own :) After a while I found The Little Knitting Company and fall in love with the yarns they stock: such a choice of different styles, wools and not very expensive, some even much cheaper than I could find locally in the nearest town. I decided to go for the black wool&cashmere mix.

It took me over two weeks, some late nights, quite a few mistakes, re-shaping, re-making some rows and finally re-designing the collar but I'm SO happy with what I've made! I even designed and made a little ornament: a black rose with a plumpy Black Rutilated Quartzbriolette in the center. After all I couldn't resist and not to use any gem :D

And the jumper is so comfortable and so warm - perfect for our Scottish Spring ;)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Last minute pin

Remember that super soft and light vest I was working on in the last few days? I managed to finish it just in time to wear it today at the International Women's Day in Merkinch Community Centre. The vest was  ready only yesterday before midnight when I realised I needed a brooch or a pin to wear it with. So, I dug through my gem stash and found this beautifully leaf-shaped Carnelian bead, just right in size and colour! It was already late and I was in a bit of a hurry still packing my jewellery for the event so... 20cm of Sterling Silver wire and 10 minutes later the pin was ready, oxidised and buffed. And it looked great today :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Two projects

This week I've been busy with two wearable crochet projects. One I'm making for myself: it will be a new vest made in the softest and lightest kid mohair you can imagine. The other one will be a bracelet and it's made in Fine Silver. I'm only not sure what gems I'll add to it. 

I like the difference in sizes between my two crochet hooks :)